Pacific Hazmat Services

Hazardous materials assessments and surveys

Thorough site inspections of building construction materials including:

  • asbestos containing materials (ACM); 
  • lead paint and lead dust; 
  • synthetic mineral fibre (SMF); 
  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB); 
  • and ozone depleting substances (ODS)

Hazardous materials survey reports and register

Reports containing all hazardous materials identified at the site with risk assessment outlining material type, extent, location, condition,  and accessibility with photographs of all identified items

Hazardous materials management plans

Management plans are provided on request to accompany survey reports to provide advice on management of in-situ hazardous materials

Asbestos register, surveys and management plans

Asbestos specific inspection and assessments. Survey reports contain asbestos register including risk assessment and management plans for in-situ asbestos containing materials (ACM)

Compliance re-inspection reports

Asbestos and Hazmat re-inspections or review on in-situ ACM and update of existing asbestos register

ACM risk assessment

Full risk assessment of identified ACM including:

  • material type
  • location
  • extent
  • accessibility
  • condition
  • likelihood of disturbance

Asbestos and lead paint bulk sampling and identification through NATA accredited laboratory

Safe collection of suspected ACM and lead paint under controlled conditions and fast turn around on analysis 

Preliminary site investigations

Preliminary site inspections following storm damage, flooding and fires to residential and commercial

Provision of Scope of Works for the removal of hazardous materials

Scope of Works outlining all remediation of hazardous materials or asbestos containing materials in accordance with WHS regulation and Code of Practice requirements

Asbestos clearance inspections

Asbestos clearance inspections and certification. Reports provided on-site

Lead paint and dust remediation clearance inspections

Clearance reports for lead paint and / or dust remeditation